Install on Android

Follow these instructions to add the Spell Check bookmarklet to Chrome on Android.

  1. Copy the bookmarklet below

  2. Tap Chrome’s overflow button, located on the right side of the toolbar
  3. Tap the star icon to create a new bookmark
  4. Tap Edit in the “Bookmarked” alert that briefly appears above Chrome’s toolbar
  5. Delete the original URL
  6. Paste the bookmarklet from step 1
  7. Tap the back button to save your changes

Using bookmarklets in Chrome

Bookmarklets are invoked a little differently in mobile Chrome than on the desktop.

  1. Tap Chrome’s URL bar
  2. Begin typing “spellcheck”
  3. Tap the bookmarklet in the search results
The Chrome URL bar with 'spell check' partially entered, and the bookmarklet visible in the results