A bookmarklet

Spell Check

Check your progress in the New York Times Spelling Bee without leaving the puzzle.

Spelling Bee puzzle with Spell Check visible.

Whether you’re new to the Spelling Bee or an old pro, sometimes it’s nice to peek at how close you are to the finish line.

Spell Check makes it quick and easy to see how many words you have left in today’s puzzle.

How it works

After installing the Spell Check bookmarklet, open the Spelling Bee in your web browser.

Any time you need a hint or want to see your progress, click or tap the bookmarklet. No need to switch tabs to check a different page: Spell Check will appear right in front of your puzzle.

Today’s Grid

The main grid shows how many words remain for each letter.

For example, the 2 in row L, column 6 means two more 6-letter words that start with “L” are left to be found.

Spell Check grid showing a mostly completed puzzle, with mostly P-words remaining.

A green checkmark lets you know you’ve found every accepted solution for a given letter and length

Two-Letter List

Still at a loss for words? Swipe left to see a breakdown by two-letter prefixes:

Spell Check two-letter list showing

We already know from Today’s Grid that both remaining “L” words contain six letters. The two-letter list tells us one of them starts with LA and the other with LO. (No need to keep hunting around for words that start with LI!)

Get started

Spell Check is supported by most modern web browsers and operating systems, including those listed below.